Current NaNo word count: Day 12 – not crying this time?

I wanted to do a little blog/pep talk before NaNoWriMo began but it’s slightly too late for that. NaNo is an event I absolutely adore, a 30-day challenge to knock out 50,000 words on a new novel project. So, given my track record with completing literally anything, what I adore, I simultaneously dread at times. It typically goes like this:


Today is Day 12 and I’ve been able to sidestep the pothole of getting distracted by the Internet and all its useless offerings. Today was a day off from work, a day in which the missus and I took to relax before going out later tonight. This holds the record for most productive word sprints! No, I mean, look…


In 5 previous attempts at NaNo, I haven’t even come close to the 50k mark. I never even reached 10k. But this year, as I’ve seriously started networking with other writers, I started taking more drastic measures to ensure a healthy word count.

-Every day I try to set at least one hour a day to dedicated writing, parking myself at the computer and writing furiously. I used to have an “I’ll get to it in my spare time” mindset until I realized that if writing is going to be a serious venture for me, I should not approach it as a hobby.

-Handwritten notes when the computer is unavailable. I have volumes of notes that turned into serious word sprints when I got back to the novel. Plus, it stops me from constantly worrying about continuity, which sends me into Editor Mode even though I’m aware it’s only a first draft and I can just keep writing and move on.

-I put Google Docs on my phone. So car rides, lunch breaks and bathroom time turn into writing sessions where I can nickel-and-dime my word count.

-Writing playlists are strictly instrumental. I find lyrics distracting.

It’s paid off so far. My best word count of all the previous NaNo outings fell just shy of 7,000. This year, I did that in less than two weeks. But what am I doing wasting my words on a blog? Time to get back to writing. Those of you participating in NaNo, GOOD LUCK! You can do it!!


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