Super late NaNo update, some other reflections on 2016, and salad.

18, 461.

That’s nowhere near 50,000 I know. But I don’t care. Breaking 18k easily triples my previous high word count and that makes so much difference. Got my 30-day badge, which means I didn’t go one day in November without some kind of progress. But the most important and valuable thing about Nano 2016 is to continue that momentum into December and beyond.


2016 may have been the Year From Hell for most of us in terms of politics, excessive celebrity deaths and overall horrible news and events. But personally, it was a type of creative renaissance. It started with pushing past writer’s block and lethargy to produce more than I have in recent years. I had the privilege of beta reading three works in progress and in turn, learned a lot about my own writing and how to approach it. I went back to pitching to a few literary journals. The increase in creative output encouraged me to network with other aspiring writers and nurturing the recent flow of creativity. Finally, using short poems to keep the spark alive and help build an audience:


And even as the doe-eyed enthusiasm of the NaNoWriMo season wore off, not even a hectic December could stop me completely.  Bladecatcher is currently on Chapter Four and I couldn’t be happier to keep this project going. I love the ideas that sprout from its characters and their environment. At this point Bladecatcher is what I would call an idea salad, an eclectic yet disorganized jumble of ideas, settings, plot lines and concepts. In between unprecedented word sprints I take a minute to step back and do a little planning: outlines, street maps, extended character bios, ya know, this stuff:


Yes, that is a transit map.

All in all, this will set the stage for an even more productive 2017. Stay tuned for more!